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Organizational Information

The Petrosil Group ( develops and manages a range of petroleum and chemical gateways and reports that are subscribed to by many of the world's leading energy companies. Over the past few years, Petrosil has launched specialized reports and databases for the global downstream community and related industries. Our reports enjoy a subscriber base of over 600 user licenses. Some of the primary websites include,,, and Petrosil produces market intelligence reports for products like base oil, bitumen, fuel oil, petroleum coke, waxes, crude oil, LPG, LNG, GTL, gases, titanium dioxide, coal and numerous other chemical products like methanol, acetone, soda ash, caustic soda, toluene, xylene, benzene, MEG, aniline, hydrogen peroxide, glycerine, acetic acid and phosphoric acid.

Petrosil Price and Information Methodology

Information is gathered, primarily by telephone, email or instant messenger platforms, by our team of experienced editors mainly located in India. We conduct comprehensive surveys of key industry participants to collect vital trade information and gauge prevailing market sentiment. Our method is inclusive, diverse and integrated. The price assessments are obtained by discussing prices on a weekly basis with a wide variety of sources, including refiners, resellers, marketers, traders, logistics providers, shipping companies and end users. We cover many geographical regions and often corroborate prices and information with many of our subscribers and other industry players. We also receive regular information from many of our global subscribers who wish to share new price announcements or other information. We constantly strive to bring transparency to the markets we report on by relentlessly obtaining information that is not readily available to industry players.

Senior Management

Riaz Lawyer

Riaz Lawyer has a degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder and is the CEO of the Petrosil Group. He has worked in the petroleum and information technology industry for over 12 years. Riaz manages much of the website content with the help of supporting staff to create real-time, comprehensive and transparent information for industry players who receive the data on a subscription basis. The company, based in Mumbai, India publishes reports and creates databases for the petroleum and chemical industries and currently has over 600 global subscribers to it's various services.

Dhiren Shah

Dhiren is a chemical engineer who started his career with a reputed transformer oil manufacturing company in India as Sales Engineer for 2 years and enhanced his knowledge by undergoing a business management course at the Indian Merchants Chamber. He later ventured and specialized in imports and logistics of petroleum products for 10 years and in 2002 became part of the Petrosil Group which publishes trade reports and creates databases for the petroleum and chemical industries. He works effectively as an editor and gathers intelligence from key industry players so that the information may be collated and presented back to subscribers.

Minoti Makim

Minoti is a Petrosil editor and content manager. She generates, develops and streamlines information for our websites. A focussed and targeted approach to information outlay and an exposure to the Internet give Minoti an edge in her field. Minoti’s previous experiences include writing for Internet sites and also in managing content for an entertainment portal and also a B2B model. She also has copy writing experience and a postgraduate in Mass Communication.

Arun Pandya
Arun Pandya has five years of experience in different areas of Business Management and his expertise extends to finance, commercial and general administration. Previously, Arun worked as a Senior Account Officer with one of the leading ISO 9000 – 2000 business groups that manufacture dyes, pigments and intermediates. Arun is a commerce graduate with finance and economics and also has a diploma in computer management from Mumbai University. He effectively handles many finance, accounting, administration and commercial matters for Petrosil.

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